I wish to invite you to a meeting to discuss the structure of Swordplay’12. Aim is to confirm date / venue / program and other important pertinent details. As we are Brisbane (or close to Brisbane) based organisations, Swordplay’12 needs to work for us first and foremost.

I propose Saturday 24th March 1.00pm – 4.00pm at The Coffee Club, Wilston. Happy to hear of alternative date/venue for the meeting.

The agenda includes:

Date: One of three weekends will be selected pending Scouts Qld training program promulgation April 2012 (in order of preference)

  •  7th – 8th September
  • 14th – 16th September
  • 31st August – 2nd September (Father’s Day weekend)

Venue: Baden Powell Scout Park Samford (Lower Conference area) plus Samford Community Hall in case of inclement weather that weekend.

Workshop: Puck Curtis La Destreza # Intent is to have an invited overseas guest present their material in the first year (2011) and provide a follow-up presentation plus ‘Master Class’ for those who wish to consolidate their understanding of what was presented (2012) before choosing another guest for 2013.

Cost: $40.00 per day participants (this rises to $60.00 if you wish to register on the day). Spectators free (excepting no viewing of workshop).

Program: ). Focus is to combine the best from the last two years into one balanced program.

Skill-at-Arms key recommendations:

  1. Assistant Marshalls to support Combat Marshalls for adjudicating bouts.
  2. Each School will be asked to provide 1 x Marshall to assist in the running of the event, ensure impartiality and that their member’ s interests are being looked after .
  3. We hold the Tournament Rehearsal 2 weeks before the event proper ensuring everyone who says their officiating actually do turn up and practice.
  4. Look at scoring being ‘first to 5 points’ but time limited to 4min otherwise Sudden Death in-order-to:
    • allow more competitors to take part (I’m looking at approx. 36 pers in Sword Tournament alone next year plus I’m hearing possibly 16 in Longsword), and
    • best compromise between balancing offensive swordplay with defensive swordplay in that no matter how you approach the bout at ‘5’ it’s life or death.
  5. Open Weapon being random draw between finalists rather than ‘1 fights 1’ and ‘2 fights 2’ etc.
  6. We’ll put out a short video on Skill-at-Arms: Conduct & Scoring so everyone can have a short 4min video of just how it all works start of next year. On ACA Website.

Formal Dinner: Samford Valley Pub on Saturday Night.

Misc: We’ll ask for our coffee van back.