This year’s Swordplay 10Longsword Tournament demonstration will be run under the Glen Lachlann Banner headed by Stuart McDonald and Marcus Byron.

This tournament will follow a “freeflow” format in which combat does not stop after the first hit but is the first to 10 points (4 for Torso and Head, 2 for Limb or Disarm). The scores for both combatants are cumulative and tabled, and the top scoring 4 are then moved into the Final Round. This format allows up to 30 students to participate in just over an hour and it helps to breed the “True Fight”. This minimises the “lucky hit” phenomenon and as all scores are counted (whether you won the bout or not) it insures that the most consistent Combatants are moved on to the last round.

The intent is for this demonstration to invite feedback and establish the format for the ‘official’ Longsword Tournament in Swordplay 2011.

Any queries particularly from Longsword Schools can be directed to Marcus Bryon at